Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Projects: Braided Scarf

A few of my friends have inspired me to jump into the DIY band wagon.  Although I have created some of my own DIY projects in the past, they were more on gift ideas or house decorations, this is actually the first time I would be making stuff that are fashion related.

So my first project was a braided scarf.  If you know how to braid someone's hair, then this would be very easy for you.  I wanted to use an old shirt, but did not like the colors so I opted to buy a cloth which turned out to be the wrong one.  But I did not want to waste the cloth so I decided to go with my braided scarf which actually turned out okay.  

My daughter eagerly modeled it for me. The braided scarf also can be used as a head band.  I would try to post a more detailed blog when I get my hands on the right fabric, hopefully this weekend.  I am also  playing around with polymer clay and would try to make some accessories out of it.  Will be posting them soon.

Micah was so excited that she wore her pink tube top and gray shorts to match the color of the scarf/headband.

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