Friday, August 17, 2012

What's New?!

I am very much excited about having my own domain name!  Thanks to Albee and Jorge for helping me from purchase to setting up the new domain name.  I insisted on sticking it out with my old blog design because one of the creators of Leelou Blogs where I got my template design (Julie Macdonald) really went out of her way to send me a reply when I had some inquiries.  Honestly I'm happy with how my blog looks so no plans of changing it as of the moment.  I was worried because some of the links appear to be broken, but they tell me it's normal because the IP address where the domain is linked is still updating. So I'll give it a few more days before I start to freak out, kidding!

The only thing new about my blog, except for my own domain name  is that I changed my social media icons, it now has a button for Instagram, and what's good is that you can get it  online for FREE!! It comes in 12 colors and are really cute.  So for those who might be interested with these buttons, you can check them out here and then go to the freebies section. The original size was around 72 x 72 pixels so I had to re-size them so all 6 buttons would fit in one row.  Thanks to Carrie for sharing them!

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