Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When Loving Brings You Pain

Crazy as it sounds, but for me a person can say that he or she has truly loved when they have been hurt or when they have felt the pain just by loving someone.  It does not necessarily need to be a great deal of pain, but even just the slightest disappointment you feel when he forgot to call you when he said he would, or the hint of jealousy when he starts to notice other women aside from you.  It is a sign that you are starting to feel for that person.

When you love someone, you make yourself vulnerable to so many emotions.  It can either help you be more mature or it can also break you into pieces.  Do we really need to get hurt in the process of loving someone?  Not necessarily, but you should always be ready to accept that with love, comes pain.  Because if you think that loving or being in a relationship is always happiness and sunshine, then you must have been living in a world of make believe.  

What I think we should always remember, is that getting hurt is a natural process.  We all go through pain at some point in our lives, but does that mean that we should give up loving someone completely?  Definitely NOT.  Holding on when things get difficult somehow measures how we love someone.  The reason I am saying this is personally that is how I am.  

I guess we can justify the pain when we see that being with the one who hurt us would eventually change the person for the better.  But if there is no more loving and you only feel the pain, then it's better to let go while you still can, because you might just be too broken to even pick up the pieces for yourself.

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  1. Doki! I love this... huhu exactly what I am feeling right now :(


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