Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello September!

September officially marks the start of the "Ber" months, which means Christmas is just around the corner.  I am excited about the holiday season coming up, but September also gives me enough reasons to be as ecstatic because of so many things to look forward to.

First on the list is that we are moving to a bigger office!  I love the old office because it had a cozy feel into it, but with the company expanding it's time to move to a bigger location to accommodate all the new amazing people joining the team.  Another thing is that our CEO would be visiting us and there have been plans of a company outing at a fancy resort once he is here, I can't wait!

This month, I am also very much excited to meet up with good friends I have not seen for a while.  My friends from my old workplace and I are planning on an "Army Navy" date, I already marked it on my calendar and that would be on the 15th.  My "soul friend" Mela and I are also planning to meet and chat on a weekend that would work for us both, we'll figure out the date but definitely pushing through.  My best friend (Sandee) is visiting the Philippines on the 6th, too bad I won't be able to meet up with her.  Another friend (Anne) who was my Intern at Makati Medical Center during my medical clerkship is visiting Cebu with her husband to attend a conference, and hopefully once schedule permits we're planning to meet over coffee.  And September 17th is the birthday of a dear friend, Happy Birthday Apple!! 

September has me looking forward to so many wonderful and exciting events, and I'm grateful that things are off to a good start.   I am praying that this month will also be good to you as well.  Be positive!

PS:  I am also looking forward to 2 new pair of Flipelas I ordered from my entrepreneur friend Cocaine. Yipee!

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