Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Little Best Friend

This photo makes me smile, because it reminds me of that rainy afternoon when Micah and I were playing around with the app I downloaded and we were trying out different hairstyles that would match our photos.  It was actually her idea that we have matching curly hair I must admit, my daughter looked better than me!

Micah and I are best friends, that by the way is according to her!  We talk about anything under the sun, she asks me endless questions and whenever she comes home from school, she has stories about her classmates and teachers and narrates everything she did that day. 

My daughter has been my constant date because she always tags around whenever I go out to shop for stuff and groceries.  We still have our ice cream dates together.  I love the way that she makes me laugh when she tries to be funny with her antics!  I just hope that when she gets older, she would still consider me her best friend and never keep secrets from me.

While I was making this post, she again saw this photo and burst into giggles.  I could not help but laugh with her as well.  I love you Micah.  Thank you for making mommy feel that I have someone who would always be on my side no matter what.  

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