Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Dong Juan Burger Experience

If there's one thing I love to do, I guess that would be EATING!  Unfortunately I'm not one of those chosen few who could eat guilt-free without putting on any weight!  But that won't stop me from enjoying a good burger when I see one!

With all the fuzz around about Army Navy Burgers, I was told that Dong Juan also had the best burgers in town.  Since my husband had been there before and he said that the burgers were good, I decided to satisfy my taste buds.

We chose the Dong Juan at One Mango Place since it was more accessible.  The place was small but cozy, I think it could seat around 20 to 30 persons max, but they also had tables and chairs outside.  Aside from burgers, they also offered pizza, sisig, crispy pata and burger steak.  For our meal, we ordered a mushroom cheese burger, bacon burger and mozzarella sticks.  Andre as always was a regular yum with cheese guy so we had to drive through Jollibee before heading out to Dong Juan, good thing they allowed us to bring food bought outside!

The burgers were so huge!  I had to press it firmly so I could take a bite.  I loved their burger patty, it was juicy and it had a distinct flavor that would have you come back for more!  The mozzarella stick was a joy to eat!  The price range I guess were reasonable considering the size of the burgers they were serving.  

Simply said, I think that I would be going back to try out their other dish.  I wanted to see if I could handle their red hot chili burger.  For burger lovers, Dong Juan is a must try.  

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