Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flippin Over Flipelas

One fact about me is that I have zero tolerance for high heels.  I easily trip when I walk.  As much as I would love to wear wedges and stilettos, I could only appreciate them and never get to actually wear them myself, because I might just twist my ankles and fall flat on my face.  I do have some high heeled shoes handy for special occasions, but my feet could only last for a few hours until they start complaining.  So, I always have a pair of slippers in the car just in case my feet starts to  feel sore!

That is why I am grateful for flip-flops, and even more grateful when a friend of mine came up with her own version of what we call "tsinelas".  Flipelas is an online store that sells hip, and funky flip-flops.  The ordinary slippers is made extra special with all the trinkets and cute designs.  They can even custom design for you, and take note each pair is hand crafted which gives that special touch!

I am a proud owner of 3 Flipelas and hopefully when I go home next week, I could drop by her place and get myself a new pair, *wink*

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