Thursday, November 22, 2012

17 Going Steady

Relationships are always a work in progress.  If you want your relationship to last, you must commit yourself to making things work out between you and your partner no matter what. Being in a relationship means one must be ready to face disappointments, heartaches and broken promises.  But it also means being able to have someone to laugh with over silly jokes, someone to hold your hand and make you feel that things are going to be okay.

Ross and I have been together for 17 years as a couple.  I must say that we've gone through so much.  We've gone through every arguments and fights.  We have had our share of laughter and tears.  We have seen the best and the worst in each other.   There were moments when I wanted to give up on us, but I know that I would end up hurting myself more if I did.

They say that the only thing constant in any relationship is that it changes.  It's either you fall more deeply in love, you grow further apart or you end up hating each other.  At this stage in our relationship I can comfortably say I don't want  things to change between us.  Our love is not perfect, but it's real, and in this crazy world what we need to get through life is something we can hold on to when things get rough.

 Let's keep things steady between us...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Instagram Friday

It seemed like a really long week and I am just relieved that the weekend has finally arrived.  I had been doing a lot of thinking  over the past few days, and I am hoping and praying to find the answer to all the questions running around my head.  For some reason, I think the answer has always been there, it's a matter of probably taking that leap.

For now, I don't really want to over think things, I am just looking forward to enjoying the weekend with my family.  I guess after a long week of hard work, we all deserve that.

Happy weekend guys, and to stick to my theme of InstaFriday inspired by another blogger,  I just wanted to share some photos I shared on Instagram. ♥

Three Special Pens
Sticky notes
Pringles, once you pop you can't stop.
My son calls these "rock candies"

Enjoy the weekend everyone, and don't forget, If you really want something, and if you have a solid grip on what you want, you’ll climb walls, move mountains, cross rivers, swim oceans—just to get what you really want.  Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Journey On A Time Machine

I find myself riding on a time machine every now and then.  It takes me back to the distant past where memories are being played like movies in my mind.  I loved the happy memories, and learned to live with the bad ones.  There is always a reason why we had to go through heartaches and disappointments, it was meant to help us become stronger and wiser.  But sometimes these memories can break us into pieces, and we are never the same again.

As much as I enjoy going back to the past, I would always find myself traveling into the future.  Having a vision of myself doing what I love to do, being around the people that matters the most to me.  The future is where I find my dreams and aspirations in life.  These dreams help keep me going each and every day.  It inspires me to be better.  There are dreams that I needed to give up for myself to give way to more important things in life.  But giving up does not mean letting go, if that dream lives in your heart, there is always hope that someday it will come true.

We all have our own time machine, so travel back and relive happy memories or go into the future and turn your dreams into a reality.

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