Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Journey On A Time Machine

I find myself riding on a time machine every now and then.  It takes me back to the distant past where memories are being played like movies in my mind.  I loved the happy memories, and learned to live with the bad ones.  There is always a reason why we had to go through heartaches and disappointments, it was meant to help us become stronger and wiser.  But sometimes these memories can break us into pieces, and we are never the same again.

As much as I enjoy going back to the past, I would always find myself traveling into the future.  Having a vision of myself doing what I love to do, being around the people that matters the most to me.  The future is where I find my dreams and aspirations in life.  These dreams help keep me going each and every day.  It inspires me to be better.  There are dreams that I needed to give up for myself to give way to more important things in life.  But giving up does not mean letting go, if that dream lives in your heart, there is always hope that someday it will come true.

We all have our own time machine, so travel back and relive happy memories or go into the future and turn your dreams into a reality.


  1. www.appleandbees.com12:51 PM

    I like how you coined it, A Journey On A Time Machine. Our memories could be defined as such. Our ability to relive it is already a miracle in itself. When I am down, or feeling a little melancholy,I sometime pull strength from the memories I've had of good times. It does help to pull me through tough times.

  2. I agree mana... and some of my happy memories are those of our days in college. :)

  3. www.appleandbees.com2:59 PM

    Lagi no? Those were fun times! Sano daw la kita mag rereunion? Thats a good time for us 4 to be together ghapon. Sana super soon na.


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