Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking Back at Christmas

 It's the day after Christmas.  I look at our Christmas tree and I miss seeing all the gifts piled up waiting to be opened.  I honestly feel a little lazy today, but I still have to work.  Good thing I don't need to cook because of all the left overs from the Christmas dinner.  I think we might be eating ham for another day or two, lol!

We survived another Christmas away from home.  I always get so melodramatic during the holiday seasons because I really miss spending Christmas with my family.   I remember how I would help mama prepare for our Noche buena.  I would be the one in charge of peeling the potatoes and slicing them, shredding the chicken, grating the cheese and mixing the ingredients for the salad.  I miss Christmas dinners and gathering around to open our gifts.  I guess it's kind of weird hearing a 34 year old grown up ramble about memories of how it was spending Christmas at home.  I grew up in a close knit family, and I guess even if I am married with kids of my own, I would always have this feeling of wanting to come home for Christmas.

But since we moved to Cebu, we have been spending Christmas here and making traditions of our own.  We have our Christmas dinner on the 24th, and then attend the 10:00 pm Christmas eve mass.  When we get home, we gather around our Christmas tree for the kids to open their presents.  As much as I miss my family, Christmas will always be a wonderful season for us, most especially for our kids.  This is a season of remembering the blessings we have received the entire year and being able to share our blessings to others in our own little way.

So here's to all of you, whether you spent Christmas at home, away from home or at work... I hope that you had a good one this year and I hope that you get to spend it with those you love whether family or friends or work mates.  May that feeling of love, sharing and kindness we feel stay with us all through the year. ♥

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