Friday, December 21, 2012

Will It End Today?

12-12-12.  According to the Mayan calendar this is when the world would end.  Then came another question, when exactly, Eastern Time, Pacific Time or local time?  Then I found a link with a countdown and while writing this post,  I still have 9 hours, 21 minutes and 23 seconds until the end of the world.  I guess people in other parts of the world have been prepping up for this day.  But personally, I have been thinking about so many things I barely had time to even worry about doomsday,

I guess, if it does end today, (hopefully not since I really am looking forward to Christmas morning) I would say that I have been blessed.  I had a happy childhood, I have a family that has always been with me through hell and high waters, I was blessed with two wonderful kids, I married my best friend, I have good friends to share happy moments with.  My life is not perfect, but it would always be a happy life for me.  A life that I would want to live over and over again.

Will it end today?  We can never tell.  But I would still look forward to tomorrow when the sun would rise again, which means it's another chance at life...  So don't waste your time worrying about what's gonna happen today, no one but God would really know.

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