Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Visit To St. James Amusement Park

Every once in a while, we skip our weekend visit to the malls and head out somewhere new.  So on Christmas day, we decided to go to an amusement park.  The St. James Amusement Park across Parkmall is still in operation and now has put up a mini-zoo or mini-farm as you may call it inside the park premises.

The kids were actually more thrilled with the animals rather than the park rides.

Cute baby sheeps and even a deer

The park also has a camel, a few ponies and two baby tigers, and an ostrich.
For one token, you get a chance to feed the baby sheep and deer.

The kids got the chance to ride a pony
Andre would not miss out on the disc hockey and Micah never too old for these baby rides, lol!

This was Micah's favorite event, jumping up and down on the trampoline!  I had fun watching her and got the chance to rest from all the walking around!

Micah posing in front of the farm entrance and the other photo  was taken with the intention of capturing the ostrich, but I guess it was camera-shy so it walked away :)

It was a fun-filled day!  Walking around the park can be tiring, but looking at the kids having a blast was enough for me to disregard the aching I felt on my foot, lol!  Andre enjoyed feeding the baby sheep and Micah loved jumping on the trampoline.  But the highlight would probably be seeing the baby tigers and the pony ride.  I would love to go back and hopefully muster up enough courage to ride the Black Ship and the Lantern Wheel, *wink*!

Special thanks to Uncle Cocoy and Auntie Thea for some of the photos here and for spending Christmas day with us.  Until our next weekend getaway!


  1. Yeah I saw that area but it was fenced in when we passed by it. Hope we can go there too one day.I am glad that Cebu has this already. I think there's one in Tacloban already but it hasn't been advertised well.
    The kids obviously enjoyed the whole experience:) How is the entrance fee mana?

  2. Hi mana, thanks for dropping by :) Entrance only is 75 pesos for adults and that comes with a bottled water free, hehe. They have a height limit for kids, and those below the line are free na. A ride all you can pass is around 350.

  3. How many rides do they have? Not bad ha. Very reasonable and ira rate. it will be based on the height. Free daw akon mga umangkon kay they are really very small. ONe just turned 10y/o a few days ago but cold pass for a 7y/o. so petite. Anyway, going back to your St. James Amusement Escapade..if you do this often...the kids will have this as one of their memorable childhood experience. Im looking forward to visiting this place when we get the chance.


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