Friday, February 1, 2013

Insta-Friday: Sinulog Week

It's the 1st day of February and the last day of the week!  Whew!  How time flies!  Since I promised to dedicate Fridays to sharing photos I post on Instagram, here are some photos taken during the Sinulog week.  Enjoy!

Magellan's Cross

Micah enjoyed watching the colorful floats

Candles being offered, it almost filled up the shrine...

One of the parade participants who managed to flash that sweet smile!

Colorful key chains being sold in every stall I see around the city :)

One of my favorite floats during the parade

A photo with a Festival queen in SM

Too bad we were not able to get the kids matching t-shirts :(

A pyromusical was a great way to end the celebration

It was a fun week.  My favorite part was watching the fire works two-nights in a row :)  We were at the parking lot of a mall waiting for the fire works to start,  just enjoying watching the kids goofing around, sitting beside my husband and feeling so happy and contented.  

These are the moments that makes life so beautiful.  Until our next Sinulog!


  1. Our country has the most festivals I think compared to others. One of my bucket lists is that I'll be able to travel and experience the different festivals in the Philippines.


    1. Balit mana, our country has a rich culture, and it would really be fun being able to travel the country and explore what it has to offer...


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