Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Things We Do For Love

There are endless possibilities of what a person can do when he's in love.  One can be inspired and do great things, or desperate enough to do something stupid.  I myself have done things I can be proud of, and a few foolish things that I can just laugh about, all in the name of love.

"How Were You Bitten By The Love Bug?".  This was the title of an essay writing contest I joined 13 years ago.  I remember joining the contest hoping to surprise someone, and luckily my story was among the few that was chosen.  The prize I got was a pair of Russ love bug stuffed toys (which I still have until now) and having our story and photo published on the lifestyle section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Love makes us do things we normally would not have the courage of doing. So hopefully whatever it is we do for love, it would end up to be something we could fondly look back to every now and then.

The photo below brings back happy memories of how it was back then... young, carefree and in love.

Happy Hearts Day everyone! Stay Happy ♥

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