Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 7: 3 Biggest Pet Peeves

I am the type of person that normally does not get annoyed that easily.  But I do have a few pet peeves of my own, but let me share 3 since that is what the challenge asks for :)

- People in uniform who make their position an excuse to get away with anything.

     The reason why this is the first on my list is because I had a first hand experience in a grocery store of something I want to call as an "abuse of power".  We were waiting in line at the counter, when this man suddenly barged in and said that he had to go in before us because he was just buying ice.  It would have been okay if he asked us nicely, but the tone of his voice and the way he said it irritated me.  My husband then told the man that he better ask those person behind us since it was not just us in line but a few other people, and there was even a woman who had ice on her grocery cart but was patiently waiting for her turn. We all had the shock of our lives when the man started shouting at us and said that he was a police officer!  I mean so what if you are, it does not give you the right to be rude!  He ended up having his way in the end, no point in reasoning with someone who clearly was intoxicated!  I know that this was just an unfortunate incident, and there are still police officers out there who stay true to their oath which is "to serve and to protect".

- People who are into themselves

     When you are talking to someone, and that person has  nothing to talk about but himself, it is not just annoying, but it can be pretty boring too!

- Drivers who don't acknowledge what Road Courtesy means.

      I guess I feel more of frustration rather than annoyance when I start to think about drivers who tend to be inconsiderate on the road.  Drivers who don't use their signal lights, drivers who don't give way to other drivers causing heavy traffic, drivers who speed up rather than slow down in pedestrian lanes.  When you are driving, you have to consider that it's not just you on the road, but a whole lot of other cars and pedestrians too.  We might just avoid accidents and other road mishaps if we try to think that way.

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