Friday, March 1, 2013

My 30 Days Blog Challenge

Two days from now I would be starting my 30 Days Blog Challenge.

The goal is to be able to write a blog everyday for the next 30 days.  But I am having doubts if I can do  the "writing everyday" thing, so I may need to take baby steps and for now make sure that at least I get to post a blog entry every other day and complete the items on the list.

I would be sharing my thoughts or views on certain topics, talk about some of my favorite stuff, answer questions or post some photos and tell the story behind it.

I hope that this challenge would help me improve as a blogger, because sometimes I tend to run out of things to write about or I get caught up in so many things that I miss out on posting on my blog for days or even weeks at the most.  

So let's see how it goes...


  1. Chin!!! Ohh...every bloggers dream! To blog everyday. But the reality is most of us cant. Our everyday life makes it impossible to do that. It does take time to blog. Most especially if you have to post process it. And whats the inspiration? lol! It a never ending challenge for us. So good luck to you! At least 15 blogs in a month is great already :)


    1. Hi mana, thanks! My goal talaga is to at least have something to post every week para naman diri ma blangko, hehe.. and now when something inspires me and I am not in front of my computer, I write it down on my notebook nalang so I could write on it later, hehe..


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