Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Data Recovery Made Easy

A few days back I was really having a bad day.  I was saving photos on my PC but for some unknown reason my SD card acted up and it was telling me that it needs to be reformatted.  I put the card back into the camera, but it gave me the same message, "The disk needs to be reformatted."  I panicked because I was not able to back up the photos!

I posted a status on FB about what happened, and luckily friends were telling me that the files may still be recovered.  Some even sent private messages suggesting solutions and names of some data recovery software.  I did my own research on the net and found a few sites but some software needs to be purchased.  But I got lucky and bumped into an article (read here) that allowed me to recover the photos from my reformatted memory card, and it was totally free!!

Before this, I was never aware that lost files can still be recovered easily.  I thought that it would take an IT guy to figure out such things, but thanks to the internet,data recovery sure is easy.  Below is a link to a related site.



  1. Glad you recovered your photos. When are you going to post them?

    1. I'll post them in batches, hehe.. but gin save ko na tanan para walang sisihan, naka back up na :)


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