Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 17: Photos of your most recent trip

Just last week, we went home to Tacloban to visit papa on his birthday and at the same time attend the baptism of my niece. (I will be posting the photos of the baptism in another blog ♥)

It was just a short trip and we had to come back to Cebu after a few days, but it was worth it.  Although I did not get to see friends, I got to spend time with my family which was what I was looking forward to.

Let me share a few photos taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon :)

Just outside our house

The mall is just one pedicab ride away, isn't that cool :)

Micah with the sun behind her...

Eating out on Sundays has always been a family tradition

Andre showing off his muscles just like Uncle Lucky

Always a Papa's girl at heart

Missing Cocoy and Althea

Micah with her funny antics :)

I could only count the times we are able to go home to Tacloban, so I make the most out of those few occasions that I am able to visit my family and luckily see my friends.  

Writing about this makes me homesick, but I am looking forward to my next trip back home.

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  1. You sure looked like you enjoyed your vacation. Regardless if it was a short visit, I know that it revived you in so many ways. Hope to see you on your next vacation mana. Kisses!


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