Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 20: What's in a bag?

For today's blog challenge, I would be sharing what is inside this floral toiletry kit that I bring with me on a daily basis.  I may add a few things depending on the occasion, but the usual contents on this bag is what you  see here.

I call this my basic survival kit.  A vanity kit would have been nicer but I don't have a lot of kikay stuff for it to qualify as a "vanity kit", lol!

- Wet Tissues:  I am not brand conscious but I prefer the Hello Kitty ones you see in Watson's because they're cute.  Unfortunately they ran out of stock :(

- Hand sanitizer:  You should always have one handy most especially if you have kids.

- Pain reliever:   I always bring pain meds with me because migraine attacks may strike anywhere :(

- Breath strips:  To keep your breath fresh even on the go.

- Angel's smile cologne:  I would normally prefer colognes over perfume.  So for my everyday scent, I switch between this cologne and Nenuco. 

- Hand lotion/Antibac:  A lotion and a hand sanitizer in one.  Keeps your hands smooth while keeping the germs away :)

- EOS lip balm:  my lips dry up so easily so I always use a lip balm to prevent my lips from cracking

- Clinique chubby stick:   it's a colored lip balm, when I need to add color to my lips.

- Clinique powder blush:  colors on your cheeks brings life to your face :)

- Maybelline shine free cake powder:  for that quick shine free look

- Johnson's baby face powder:  my all time favorite.  I need to have loose powder wherever I go.

So that's what is inside my floral toiletry bag.  
How about you ladies, care to share what's in your bag? ♥

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