Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 21: One personal belonging that you can't live without

This is a no-brainer for me.Without even thinking, I would readily say "my glasses",  In reality, of course I would still live without my glasses on, but only seeing shadows and figures, colors appearing dull and not being able to appreciate the beauty of the world around me would not be living at all.

I am legally blind.  I have had high prescription grade for my eyes since high school.  I used to have thick glasses way back, and I would not really wear them because they were so heavy.  Good thing contact lenses and ultra thin lenses were invented so I was able to get rid of my thick glasses.

I used to wish I had normal 20/20 vision, because there are things I want to do that I obviously would not be able to because of my poor eyesight, like scuba diving for example.  But then I realized that I should just probably appreciate what I have and be grateful that I still have my sense of sight.

At least now I could change my eye color from brown to aqua or maybe try out something wild like purple, who knows :)

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