Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 22: Find the Joy in Letting Go

I have this habit of holding on...

Holding on to a thing, a memory, an idea or a feeling.  I hold on to something because I never want to forget, the happy memories and worse I even have the habit of holding on to the painful ones sometimes.  If I have this idea in my head, I hold on to it even if I know that it's something that will never happen.  And the more I know I can't have it, the more I hang on to it.  But holding on means getting stuck and not allowing yourself to appreciate what is out there for you.  Holding on means hurting yourself more...

So today I choose to let go.  Let go of all the things that are keeping me from moving on towards something better.  Today I choose to let go, knowing that it is for the best.  It may not come to me at this very moment but I know that there is joy in letting go.

Close your eyes, clear your heart and just let go...

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  1. I guess sometimes we have to let go of something to realize how much it's been weighing us down. :)

    1. I agree... weighing us down and pulling us down with it.


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