Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 24: What's New?!

Today I changed my blogger header.  I have been planning on it for quite sometime and at long last I was able to finish and happy with the outcome.

The original concept I had in mind was a sketch or drawing of a girl writing under the shade of a big tree and I wanted the name of my blog in hand-writing style.  Of course the girl on the sketch would be me, so my next problem was finding someone to sketch that picture I had in mind.  I initially contacted a friend who was very good at art, but never got to discuss the project in detail because of a conflict in schedule on my part so I proceeded with concept number 2.

I wanted a blog header that would somehow tell a story. So each picture on the header means something to me... a dream, a favorite thing, a hobby or a passion.

The Eiffel tower represents my ultimate dream.  I would really want to visit Paris someday, eat the original french macaroons and visit the famous Louvre museum.  I have a sweet tooth and I love to read books which explains the stack of books in between two cup cakes :) I could always rely on a cup of coffee to boost me up on occasions where I need to work for long hours.  The sea shell represents my love for the beach, music player because I love to listen to music and sing along with it too!  The lipstick, is my favorite beauty essential.  As they say, "put on a little lipstick and you'll be fine."

And lastly, I added an old photo of myself taken by a friend during an outing.  What I like about this photo is that it brings back funny and happy memories of that day.  It always reminds me to be thankful for the life that we have and to appreciate the  people that makes our life more meaningful.

No matter what you are going through, love your life and the people in it...

Forever Grateful...

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