Friday, June 28, 2013

How My Life Would Change In a few Days...

In a few days, I would be saying good bye to a work that I have come to love for the past three years and would be taking on a new adventure.

In a few days, I will be missing all the people I have worked with, and whom I have fondly called my friends.

In a few days, I would start to adjust to a new environment, a new routine, meet new faces and hopefully try my best to fit in.

In a few days, things will be different and it gets me really scared and nervous because I don't really know what's in store for me.

All I know is that in a few days, I will be on a journey towards something big... something that I know has a purpose and something that I was always meant to do.

Life would change for me in the next few days, but I know that it would be a good change.

I know I will be Okay...

Ready for a change...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paris on My Mind

My ultimate dream is to visit what I consider to be the most romantic city in the world, Paris.  

Have my photo taken with the  Eiffel Tower behind me,
 go on a Seine river cruise...
Eat french macaroons, 
coffee at a sidewalk cafe...
Visit the Louvre Museum...

But since that dream is somewhat elusive for now, I am content with just day dreaming and wishing that someday I can blog about the things I did in Paris ♥

On a day dreaming mode...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Reality Check: We Can't Please Everybody...

Let me just say, that at last I finished my blog challenge!  It took me almost a 100 days to finish a 30-day blog challenge, how embarrassing!  But at least I made it until the last day so I guess that is an accomplishment in itself.

As much as I want to update my blog on a daily basis, reality is that I can't because of the many obligations that I have.  But I will do my best to post something each week. :)

Well, this was a week of realization of sorts.  I have realized that sometimes opportunities do come back and knock on your door for the second time.  Well it is really up to you if you want to give it another shot or let it pass, again!  But if you are wiser, I'd say better grab on it and never let go.  Take the risk, because it might be the last time that it would ever come your way.

Another realization is that no matter how we try to do good, or try to do what we feel is right, there will always be people who would be on the other side of the fence.  That is pretty normal of course, because as the old saying goes, "we can't please everyone".  But sometimes it still is hard to believe that these people do exist.  I guess we just have to live with the reality that no matter what we do, good or bad, criticisms would always just be around the corner.

So to sum it all up, I would say, do whatever you think is right for you.  Live your life according to what you know would make you happy, the people who truly loves you would be happy for you no matter what.

Just keeping it real...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 30: A Day for Father's

Happy Father's Day to the special men in my life...

First to Papa who has always been there for us, even at times when we have disappointed him, he never makes us feel that we are less loved.  I thank him for all his love and understanding, his guidance and unfailing support morally, emotionally and financially.  I could never repay all that he has done for me, but I hope that in my own little way I could make him proud...

To my brother Lucky who would be celebrating Father's Day for the very first time...  I hope and pray that you would be a good father to Yuna and would always be there to love and guide her.  May you be her strength and shield when life gets a little tough...

And to my husband, and the father of my kids... Happy Father's day Ross.  Thank you for everything that you have done for us.  I pray that you will continue to be strong against all the trials and challenges that may come your way.  We love you so much!

To all the Fathers, whom we call daddy, papa, tatay... Happy Father's Day!  May you continue to be a guiding light in your family...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 29: Something to be thankful for...

My lola or "Nanay Nita" as I fondly call her turned 92 years old last week. But at her age, she has far more better eye sight than me, lol!  We celebrated the occasion with a simple dinner and the great grandchildren performed a surprise song number during the occasion.

 As a kid, I grew up with Nanay in our ancestral home in Tacloban City.  I would sleep with her sometimes and we would pray the rosary every night before going to bed, and I would remember silently wondering why we had to recite the Our Fathers and the Hail Mary's over and over again.  When I would take a bath, she  taught me to do a little brushing and scrubbing on the bathroom  floors and walls every now and then just so dirt would not accumulate.  I have been following that practice since then and I would also teach the same thing to my helpers and hopefully to my own daughter when she is old enough to take a bath on her own.  My grandmother was very particular with keeping the household clean so we would sometimes walk around the house with rugs on our feet to clean the floor.  Nanay taught me that it was important to know how to do simple household chores and not to depend on our house helpers to do everything for us.

She helped take care of me when Mama was not around and she has taught me so many things.  I could never thank her enough for everything that she has done for me.

I am blessed to still have a living grandparent.  My lolo on my fathers side passed away when I was a toddler so I do not have memories of him, only stories that papa would share with us.  Both of my maternal grandparents also passed away, but I was fortunate enough to have grown up knowing them and spending time with them.  I know of some friends who never got the chance to know their grandparents.

It sometimes scares me to think that there would come a time when I would no longer see her.  That the time would come for Nanay to be with Tatay in heaven.  I don't know if I would ever be ready for that day.  So every time I visit Nanay, I would hug her really tight and kiss her.  I hope she knows how much I love her and that I thank the Lord for her each and every day...

An old photo of me and my brothers with Nanay

During Nanay's birthday with Auntie Maia, Ross and Micah, with Auntie Tidad behind us :)

Grateful for family :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 28: A quote you try to live by

Choose to be happy.  That is something I try to live by everyday.  Despite whatever life throws at you, how you react is your choice.  You can choose to be angry, frustrated, disappointed... but it would not get you anywhere.

You have a choice each and every single day.  Problems, trials and stress are part of life.  It is your choice whether you would let it affect you.   Life is too short to waste on negative emotions.

 So choose to be happy.  Whether things are a bit gloomy, even when you feel like the world is on your shoulders and life is weighing you down, I hope that you find it in your heart to still choose happiness.

There will always be a reason for you to be happy...

So live your life well and make the right choices...

Choose to be grateful, Choose to feel blessed, Choose to be happy...

I choose happiness ♥

Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 27: The Legend Villa - Our Home for the Weekend

A few weeks back, I accompanied my husband to Manila for his diplomate exams.  We were booked at The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong for the weekend.

As a blogger, I may need to improve on some aspects like taking photos, and getting details about the place.    I was planning to explore the hotel on my own while my husband was reviewing, but I ended up catching up on sleep.  I actually scolded myself for that, but lesson learned and hopefully If I ever get the chance to go somewhere again, I won't end up curling in bed like the last time, lol!

This was the room we stayed in

The room we stayed in was what they called as a Studio unit.  It comes with a queen-sized bed, a cable television, a mini-ref and fully air conditioned of course.  The bathroom was spacious as well.  I guess my only complain would be our bed, because the mattresses were so firm that it seemed I was sleeping on the floor, and the pillows were the opposite, it was so soft that it felt like my head was drowning in pillows, lol!

Me smiling like a kid.  Obviously excited :)  

I was going over the menu looking for something to order, but we decided to go somewhere else to eat.

Hungry and tired from the trip, but still happy :)

Our room had a free breakfast buffet coupon so we started our Day 2 with a bountiful breakfast at Lola Maria's Restaurant.  They also offer lunch buffet's daily from 11 am to 2 pm.

Good thing there were still a few guests so I had the chance to have this photo taken by hubby :)

Breads and jams of all kinds

Aside from the food on the photos, they also had an area to order pan cakes and you can also order how you want your eggs cooked.  The dessert area had native delicacies like biko, sapin-sapin and puto.

Caught up with our friend/neighbor who also was there to accompany her husband for the boards.

After having breakfast, I had the chance to wonder around the lobby of the hotel and had the chance to take some of these photos...

I so love this sungkaan :)  This area was located at the side of the lobby and you can actually play sungka here.

A table with a tic-tac-toe board game :)

Part of the hotel lobby receiving area.

They also have a pool but I never had the chance to check or even get some photos, too bad.  During our stay, I noticed that most of the guests came in groups or families because they do have some family suites or rooms that could accommodate groups of six or more.

I liked the hotels architecture, the facade reminded me of Spanish Villas.  The room was spacious.  Service was good, they provided clean towels everyday.  I enjoyed my stay there and would gladly recommend it to friends who would be looking for a place within the area,

These are the things I would miss most about Legend Villa, the free newspaper hanging on your door everyday and these cute little things...

Looking forward to another weekend get-away :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 26: Write something about how you feel today...

Today I wanted to write something about how I feel...   but I can't put the feelings I have into words.

 It's a bittersweet mixture of all these emotions that I have.

The closest I could get is probably best expressed in the images I would be sharing.  I would let them tell the story :)

Hoping and praying that the best is yet to come :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 25: My Everlasting Friends

A quote I found on line which talks about "everlasting friends"...
It's been said that everlasting friends go long periods of time without speaking and never question the friendship.  These friends pick up like they just spoke yesterday regardless of how long it has been or how far away they live, and they don't hold grudges.  They understand life is busy and love is there.
I am blessed to share this kind of friendship with three special ladies I have known for more than a decade.  Despite time and distance ( we are all based in different parts of the country and one is based in Cambodia), the friendship never changed and has grown even more stronger.  We all have our own differences, but I guess one thing that binds us together is knowing that we respect each other, and that we can be who we are without being judged.

In times when I feel I am at a loss, these ladies always has a way of making me feel that I am not alone.  Thanks to FB messaging and SMS, we can still keep in touch with what's happening with each other's lives :).  We may have other friends, each special in their own way, but what we share is something that I always consider as one of life's greatest blessings.

Sandee, Apple and Rizza... Thank you mga mana for the friendship ♥

This was taken last May 12 when Sandee and her family came to visit.  Too bad Rizza was not able to come because this was a late night coffee date...

This was during Rizza's surprise party for Jerome last May 24, 2013.  

I think this is the last photo of the four of us together this was a few days after Apple's wedding.  Hopefully we would have another one in the near future :)

Looking forward to our planned all-ladies get together soon :)
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