Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 27: The Legend Villa - Our Home for the Weekend

A few weeks back, I accompanied my husband to Manila for his diplomate exams.  We were booked at The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong for the weekend.

As a blogger, I may need to improve on some aspects like taking photos, and getting details about the place.    I was planning to explore the hotel on my own while my husband was reviewing, but I ended up catching up on sleep.  I actually scolded myself for that, but lesson learned and hopefully If I ever get the chance to go somewhere again, I won't end up curling in bed like the last time, lol!

This was the room we stayed in

The room we stayed in was what they called as a Studio unit.  It comes with a queen-sized bed, a cable television, a mini-ref and fully air conditioned of course.  The bathroom was spacious as well.  I guess my only complain would be our bed, because the mattresses were so firm that it seemed I was sleeping on the floor, and the pillows were the opposite, it was so soft that it felt like my head was drowning in pillows, lol!

Me smiling like a kid.  Obviously excited :)  

I was going over the menu looking for something to order, but we decided to go somewhere else to eat.

Hungry and tired from the trip, but still happy :)

Our room had a free breakfast buffet coupon so we started our Day 2 with a bountiful breakfast at Lola Maria's Restaurant.  They also offer lunch buffet's daily from 11 am to 2 pm.

Good thing there were still a few guests so I had the chance to have this photo taken by hubby :)

Breads and jams of all kinds

Aside from the food on the photos, they also had an area to order pan cakes and you can also order how you want your eggs cooked.  The dessert area had native delicacies like biko, sapin-sapin and puto.

Caught up with our friend/neighbor who also was there to accompany her husband for the boards.

After having breakfast, I had the chance to wonder around the lobby of the hotel and had the chance to take some of these photos...

I so love this sungkaan :)  This area was located at the side of the lobby and you can actually play sungka here.

A table with a tic-tac-toe board game :)

Part of the hotel lobby receiving area.

They also have a pool but I never had the chance to check or even get some photos, too bad.  During our stay, I noticed that most of the guests came in groups or families because they do have some family suites or rooms that could accommodate groups of six or more.

I liked the hotels architecture, the facade reminded me of Spanish Villas.  The room was spacious.  Service was good, they provided clean towels everyday.  I enjoyed my stay there and would gladly recommend it to friends who would be looking for a place within the area,

These are the things I would miss most about Legend Villa, the free newspaper hanging on your door everyday and these cute little things...

Looking forward to another weekend get-away :)

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