Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcoming The Life of Residency Training

"Today is the first day of the rest of my life".

That is what I was telling myself as I was staring at the facade of the building which would hopefully be my second home for the next couple of years.

It is my first day as a pre-resident.  I had that "butterflies in my stomach" kind of feeling as I was on my way to attend the endorsement at the resident's quarters.  I felt like a kid on her first day of school.  I honestly felt nervous, being in a hospital, things can change in an instant.  In a moment everything is peaceful, and then it can suddenly be chaotic.

But I would not let my nerves get the best of me.   This is the path that I have chosen, and I know that the road will not always be easy.  I know there would be tough days, but as they say behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.  So I would rather look forward to those good days that are yet to come.

So today, I am welcoming the life of being a resident doctor.  I am back to the world of daily endorsements, 24 hours duty, journal reporting, and m&m conferences.  I would encounter patients who has for some reasons lost touch with reality and hopefully would try my best to help them live their lives as functional as possible.

This is the beginning of my journey to being a psychiatrist, and there is no turning back for me.

You have to
Do everything you can
You have to work your hardest
And if you remain positive
You have a shot at a silver lining.

-The Silver Lining's Playbook

Always looking for that silver lining :)

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