Thursday, August 29, 2013

For Love Of The Game

If there is one sport we all love in general, I would probably say it's "basketball".  I think every barangay in our country has a multipurpose gym with a basketball court.  And who has never seen a lamp post with a makeshift basketball ring and guys playing basketball on the streets?

This game has been my husband and his colleagues  favorite past time as well.  Despite their busy schedule in the hospital, they would find time to play with teams from other hospitals or even just a friendly game among themselves.

I can't even count how many basketball jerseys my husband has on our closet from all the basketball tournaments he has joined all these years.  But I salute the organizers and pharmaceutical companies who sponsor this kind of events.  It is an opportunity for these doctors to get away from hospital work, have fun and just enjoy! 

Sharing some photos from the recent CCMC Open, Celcoxx Cup and SHH Cup :)

Their team got 3rd place during the CCMC open

Warming up before the game

CCMC team for Celcoxx Cup

On their final game for 3rd place, only these players showed up for the game that Sunday.

Taken last Tuesday after winning the game against SHH floor 2 staff.

I can confidently say that their current team is the "team to beat" for the Sacred Heart Hospital basketball tournament, fingers crossed :)

My husband's number 1 fan :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sweet Cravings

My sweet tooth has been acting up again.  I have this craving for chocolates and cakes that I have yet to give in to.  But I did not have the chance to go out this week and satisfy these cravings since my son was sick, and I had to stay home with him the entire time.

And now as I am watching these food channels on cable, and all the yummy desserts on screen, I can't help but wish I was munching on something sweet.  On second thought, let me try to share my cravings.  Maybe writing about it would lessen the urge to grab the chocolate bar sitting on the fridge, or would it make things  worse?  We'll see...

I can't even remember  the last time I ate suman latik, that is why I asked my brother to bring some for me once they get back fromTacloban.


 Oatmeal raisin cookies from Mrs. Fields.  Too bad Cebu does not have an outlet,the ones you find in the grocery are not as good as the freshly baked ones.

Milk chocolate digestive biscuits from Marks and Spencer.  The kids enjoy this too.  Might grab one if we happen to go to Ayala this weekend, fingers crossed...

Blueberry cheesecake.  I wish I knew how to make one so I would not have to go to a coffee shop or dessert place whenever I crave for it, lol!

Moist chocolate cake with choco icing.  The ultimate comfort food :) 

Maltesers! I love these chocolate covered malt balls.  I remember the time when hubby bought  the bucket size from duty free, I was squealing with delight!

I don't want to sound shallow writing about my sweet cravings with the recent calamity in Luzon and the pork barrel issue our country is facing, but It's something that I want to share and I hope you guys don't mind.  

It seems writing about it helped lessen my cravings because I just want to doze off after posting this.  What food do you  usually crave for? I don't mind you sharing it with me :) 

 Always a food lover at heart ❤

 PS: I do not own these photos and simply got them online so credits to the owners of these photos.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

In Pursuit of Greater Things

It's another pay day.  I miss the times when I would go online to check whether my salary has been deposited into my account or wait in anticipation for a text telling me that "may sweldo na doc".  It may seem shallow,but for someone who has bills to pay and kids to feed and send to school, pay day is the most anticipated day of the month.

But sadly for me, my last pay day fell last June 26.  Ever since I resigned from my old job, I have been living on our savings and a little help from my father who loaned me money to cover up some expenses.  

To pursue my goal of going into residency training, I had to give up a good paying job.  A job that has helped us live comfortably for the past years.  But sometimes you have to give up one thing to achieve something bigger.  I must admit that it's not easy thinking about all the bills and the expenses piling up, but somehow God has a way of working things out.

I would tell myself that this is a small sacrifice compared to better things that are yet to come.  Tomorrow I would be having my Promotional Screening Board interview.  The final step before I officially  become a First Year Resident in the Behavioral Sciences Department.  

But this would only be the beginning of my four years training.  I would still have to go through in service exams, reportings, mortality and morbidity conferences, case presentation, and I still have to complete two research papers as part of training.  I have conditioned myself that I may have to occasionally give up attending some family events, going on vacations and other things that I have been used to doing in the past.

All these in my pursuit to being able to do great things for the greater good.

 Hoping for the best :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Loving With Your Heart or Mind?

How do you love someone?  Do you follow the famous line which says, "I love you with all of my heart"? Or would you rather have someone tell you "I love you with all of my mind"?

When we initially  fall in love with someone, it is more "feelings based".  So we rely more on what our heart feels rather than on what our mind dictates.  The best part about loving and being in a relationship is usually during the early part.  It is during this phase where you only see the good side of the relationship.  It is also during these times that you both find out things you both like to do together, traits that you appreciate in each other, which would eventually help you both establish a bond that would help strengthen the relationship.

But the real challenge begins when you both discover more about each other.  When you find out things you never knew existed.  When you are both faced with difficult situations that test how you feel towards each other.  Most of the time, these situations may not only test your relationship, but your character as well.  I guess it is during these times when we would rather have our mind work over our heart.

 The heart who has experienced pain may not know what is right from wrong.  All it knows is that it is hurting and may not be able to make a rational decision.  The heart who has been given too much attention by another may eventually give in and forget that he already belongs to someone else. And the heart who is madly in love gives more than what is needed in a relationship leaving her with nothing for herself.  Oftentimes we do something based on how we feel, not realizing that we end up hurting others, or worse hurting ourselves in the end.

Our feelings falter from time to time, so when we love someone, we must commit not just our hearts but more importantly our minds into the relationship.  When we always keep in mind why we love someone, we learn to look beyond the hurt, the anger and the imperfections.

So when you love someone, love not just with your heart, but keep your mind in the equation as well.  This might help keep a lasting relationship or it just might save you from being in the wrong one.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Food Adventures

One thing I'm not too shy to admit is that I love food, which simply means I love to eat.  Call me weird but there are times when I eat out all by myself if I really have a craving for something.  But eating out is best enjoyed with family and friends, it's one way for us to bond and catch up with what is happening with each others lives.

Over summer, hubby and I went food tripping when we traveled to Manila and to Laguna.  Went to an eat all you can restaurant in SM Megamall, a Mexican restaurant in Greenhills, a Persian restaurant in San Pablo Laguna and a steak restaurant in Alabang town center with my in-laws.  Just remembering the places we went to and all the good food makes me crave for the beef enchilada and lamb kebabs all over again. :)

1.  DAD's Restaurant in SM Megamll

They had a make-your-own Taco and Shawarma station

I just love the Halo-Halo station because I get to put as much "sahog" as I want :)

Fresh Fruits Galore

Lechon Kawali and Lechon station

This part of the restaurant serves mostly Filipino dishes, the other side has Continental and Japanese food

I think I ate more than my husband, because I used up two plates, lol :)

They also have an Eat-All-You-Can Meryenda for 199 on weekdays, not bad...

2.  Mexicali Restaurant, Greenhills

One of the best Mexican restaurant I've been to so far  ♥

The interior was really cozy

The red bell peppers on the wall added a nice touch, really cute :)

My eating partner, lol :)

Beef enchilada and Taco meal

Beef enchilada and Burrito for me.

3.  Middle Eats, San Pablo Laguna

Because of this restaurant, I became a fan of Mediterranean cuisine

The mixed kebab platter consisted of lamb, beef, chicken and squid

My brother and sister in law loved eating here because this is just a few minutes walk from their spa.  We also enjoyed the pita bread and the Musaka which is a dish made from mashed eggplants.

4.  Pepper Lunch, Alabang Town Center

I would say that this was one unique dining experience because you get to cook your own food on a plate.

The steak is served to you on an electromagnetic plate that is heated and you get to cook and spice it up yourself.

Just toss and turn the steak and it gets cooked really quick.  Be careful not to touch the plate because it's really hot!

Let's not forget dessert :)

If you are ever in Manila or Davao visit their branches and I assure you it's worth every peso :)

So that's it for now, but there would be more food adventures for me waiting to be documented.  Until our next food trip ♥

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Don't Hold On To Anger

"What would make you really angry?"  One of our consultants asked me that during an interview.  I honestly am not the kind of person who gets angry that easily, but when I do get angry it often takes a while for me to let go of the anger I am feeling.  

But through time I have realized that anger when kept inside can really  be bad not just to others but to yourself as well.  Holding on to anger is like putting up a wall between yourself and the people around you.  Anger can make you forget the person  that you are, and most often than not when we do something out of anger, we end up regretting what we did.

When someone or something has offended you, you have every right to feel angry... But don't let that anger settle in your heart.  Holding on to anger would bring you more harm than good.    Find the strength to let it go and focus on moving past that negative emotion.

When you hold on to anger, you end up hurting yourself more in the end.

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