Thursday, August 29, 2013

For Love Of The Game

If there is one sport we all love in general, I would probably say it's "basketball".  I think every barangay in our country has a multipurpose gym with a basketball court.  And who has never seen a lamp post with a makeshift basketball ring and guys playing basketball on the streets?

This game has been my husband and his colleagues  favorite past time as well.  Despite their busy schedule in the hospital, they would find time to play with teams from other hospitals or even just a friendly game among themselves.

I can't even count how many basketball jerseys my husband has on our closet from all the basketball tournaments he has joined all these years.  But I salute the organizers and pharmaceutical companies who sponsor this kind of events.  It is an opportunity for these doctors to get away from hospital work, have fun and just enjoy! 

Sharing some photos from the recent CCMC Open, Celcoxx Cup and SHH Cup :)

Their team got 3rd place during the CCMC open

Warming up before the game

CCMC team for Celcoxx Cup

On their final game for 3rd place, only these players showed up for the game that Sunday.

Taken last Tuesday after winning the game against SHH floor 2 staff.

I can confidently say that their current team is the "team to beat" for the Sacred Heart Hospital basketball tournament, fingers crossed :)

My husband's number 1 fan :)

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  1. Basketball is a sport that I like but dont follow. I only watch the game if big events like the heart wrenching game of Gilas versus the Koreans.

    Happy though that Ross gets to play every now and then. I can only imagine how toxic and stressful his work is in the hospital. So Ross, keep playing. And keep colelcting all those Jersey's. Pamana kay andre yan :)


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