Friday, August 9, 2013

Loving With Your Heart or Mind?

How do you love someone?  Do you follow the famous line which says, "I love you with all of my heart"? Or would you rather have someone tell you "I love you with all of my mind"?

When we initially  fall in love with someone, it is more "feelings based".  So we rely more on what our heart feels rather than on what our mind dictates.  The best part about loving and being in a relationship is usually during the early part.  It is during this phase where you only see the good side of the relationship.  It is also during these times that you both find out things you both like to do together, traits that you appreciate in each other, which would eventually help you both establish a bond that would help strengthen the relationship.

But the real challenge begins when you both discover more about each other.  When you find out things you never knew existed.  When you are both faced with difficult situations that test how you feel towards each other.  Most of the time, these situations may not only test your relationship, but your character as well.  I guess it is during these times when we would rather have our mind work over our heart.

 The heart who has experienced pain may not know what is right from wrong.  All it knows is that it is hurting and may not be able to make a rational decision.  The heart who has been given too much attention by another may eventually give in and forget that he already belongs to someone else. And the heart who is madly in love gives more than what is needed in a relationship leaving her with nothing for herself.  Oftentimes we do something based on how we feel, not realizing that we end up hurting others, or worse hurting ourselves in the end.

Our feelings falter from time to time, so when we love someone, we must commit not just our hearts but more importantly our minds into the relationship.  When we always keep in mind why we love someone, we learn to look beyond the hurt, the anger and the imperfections.

So when you love someone, love not just with your heart, but keep your mind in the equation as well.  This might help keep a lasting relationship or it just might save you from being in the wrong one.

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  1. I agree.. pack your brains with you when you go on the journey to follow your heart.


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