Friday, August 23, 2013

Sweet Cravings

My sweet tooth has been acting up again.  I have this craving for chocolates and cakes that I have yet to give in to.  But I did not have the chance to go out this week and satisfy these cravings since my son was sick, and I had to stay home with him the entire time.

And now as I am watching these food channels on cable, and all the yummy desserts on screen, I can't help but wish I was munching on something sweet.  On second thought, let me try to share my cravings.  Maybe writing about it would lessen the urge to grab the chocolate bar sitting on the fridge, or would it make things  worse?  We'll see...

I can't even remember  the last time I ate suman latik, that is why I asked my brother to bring some for me once they get back fromTacloban.


 Oatmeal raisin cookies from Mrs. Fields.  Too bad Cebu does not have an outlet,the ones you find in the grocery are not as good as the freshly baked ones.

Milk chocolate digestive biscuits from Marks and Spencer.  The kids enjoy this too.  Might grab one if we happen to go to Ayala this weekend, fingers crossed...

Blueberry cheesecake.  I wish I knew how to make one so I would not have to go to a coffee shop or dessert place whenever I crave for it, lol!

Moist chocolate cake with choco icing.  The ultimate comfort food :) 

Maltesers! I love these chocolate covered malt balls.  I remember the time when hubby bought  the bucket size from duty free, I was squealing with delight!

I don't want to sound shallow writing about my sweet cravings with the recent calamity in Luzon and the pork barrel issue our country is facing, but It's something that I want to share and I hope you guys don't mind.  

It seems writing about it helped lessen my cravings because I just want to doze off after posting this.  What food do you  usually crave for? I don't mind you sharing it with me :) 

 Always a food lover at heart ❤

 PS: I do not own these photos and simply got them online so credits to the owners of these photos.

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  1. haha! The chocolate cake looks really yummy. Napalaway even for me and I'm not into sweets.


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