Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Power of Facebook Sharing

Do you believe in miracles? If not, than this simple story of reunion might just change your mind.  When our FAMED rotator saw a photo shared by a friend on her facebook wall about a missing person, she thought that the woman in the photo resembled the foreign national brought in by the police that morning.  They did not only look the same, but the name given by the patient was the same name on the missing person post.

Ellis was brought in by the police because she reported that all her stuff were stolen including her passport.  However in the police station, she was acting confused so she was brought in to our institution for evaluation.  When I personally saw her, she looked really tired but still mustered a smile when asked how she was.

Our FAMED rotator got in touch with the sister who originally posted the photo, and in less than an hour we received a call from her brother in law.  They were updated of her condition and they arranged to fly in from abroad and fetch her personally.  After staying for about 2 days in our hospital, the relatives arrived with a medical team from Manila to accompany her and she was transferred to a private hospital there before finally flying back home.

How I wish that all stories of families with missing loved ones would end up like this one.  There is indeed caring in sharing.  Thanks to all those who shared the photo which eventually ended up on the facebook wall of the doctor who saw the patient that day, Ellis is now reunited with her family.

Here is the original photo shared on Facebook.

We can make miracles happen...

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