Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We Got Inked

One of the many things on my bucket list is to get a tattoo.  And finally I was able to do that a week after my birthday.  My husband and I decided on getting a couple's tattoo and we initially wanted to have a Latin verse tattooed as an anklet but then our tattoo artist suggested to have it on the lateral aspect of our foot.  Which may I say was a more brilliant idea!

We were both feeling anxious and excited at the same time.  I knew it was going to be painful but surprisingly the pain was tolerable enough for me to even think of getting another one in the near future.

After our tattoo session, a bit painful but happy with the result.

Guess who's feet belongs to who, lol!!

Amor Vincit Omnia... indeed Love conquers all :)

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Saturday, February 8, 2014


A few weeks back I celebrated my birthday.  I am grateful to have been given another year to be with my family and friends.  At 36, I have lived a life of love and laughter, tears and pain, joys and sorrows... 

I have gone through so much in my life and I always thought that I would be ready for whatever it is would be coming my way, but I realized that you can never be ready for something unless it smacks you right in the face.  This brings me to certain realizations which I would want to share...

I have realized that indeed bad things can happen to good people, not because they deserve it but because there are certain people who are just too selfish to realize that their actions can lead to very painful situations in the future.

I have realized that life can really pull you down until you are down on your knees and their is nothing left for you to do but pray for the strength to stand up again.

I have realized that to "forgive and forget" is easier said than done and that no matter how you try, you can't separate one from the other.

I have realized that acceptance is an important factor in letting go.  Once we learn to accept the things that happened to us, no matter how painful they are, we can slowly learn to let go of the memories that haunt us along with the emotions that are linked to those memories...

I have realized that you should never blame yourself for what others do to you.  Do not hold yourself accountable for the action of others.

I have realized that you are allowed to feel sorry for yourself for a period of time; But don't drown yourself in tears.  Know when to say "enough with the drama" and carry on.

I have realized that healing is a process, and that it comes when we learn to forgive those who have wronged us.  Healing comes when we let go of the pain, free ourselves from hatred and try to move on with our lives.

I have realized that no matter what you are going through, there is always a reason to say that "life is still worth living"...

I have realized that life is always about options.  You can either choose to do wrong or do what is right.  You can either choose to be a saint or a sinner.  You can either stay or walk away.  You can either be miserable or do something great.  You can either love or hate.  You can either be happy or sad.  It is all up to you...

Once you have made that decision to do something, make sure to stand by whatever choices you have made in your life.  Because there would be no rewinds, no replays, no second chances.

Living my life one day at a time...

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