Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Note to Self

Dear Self,

          You have been hurt, you have been broken... but you managed to pick up the pieces and made yourself whole again.  It was never easy, you struggled to keep yourself from drowning in sadness.  You had to force yourself to smile when all you wanted to do was cry.  The hurt you were feeling was so unbearable that at one point you just wanted the pain to go away.   

          But somehow in the middle of all the anger, the sadness, the pain and the anguish you were feeling you found the courage to face life again.  You were ready to forgive, but not to forget the lessons you learned.  You were willing to trust and love again.

     You found the courage to look pain in the eye and say, “You can hurt me, but you can never stop me from being happy again.”  

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