Saturday, April 11, 2020

Uncertainty in the middle of a Pandemic

"Hope is like the sun, when its behind the clouds it's not gone, you just have to find it."

          The past few weeks have been tough for all of us.  Each day we wake up to a world that's quite different from  the one we were used to.  Covid19 changed the lives of so many people all over the world.  Social distancing.  Enhanced community quarantine. Curfews.  Stay at home.  This is something new for everyone and it's scary because there is an air of uncertainty about this change.  But somehow I would tell myself that to be able to move forward we must embrace the fear and uncertainty and strive to live each day the best way we know how for nothing in this world is permanent.

          Tell yourself not to dwell on thoughts that would lead to negative feelings and emotions.  Use this time to slow down and be grateful for the gift of life. Keep connected with family and friends while maintaining social distancing.  Show kindness whenever possible.  Have faith that this will all be over soon.

     May hope never leave you during this difficult and trying times.


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