Saturday, May 30, 2020

The New Normal

     Ever since Corona virus was introduced to humanity, we've been hearing people use the words "new normal". But how has it been for everyone?  What changes did you do for yourself in order to keep with the "new normal?"  As for myself, I had to go back to wearing scrub suits every once in a while when I am in the hospital, no more wearing of lipsticks because I don't want to smear my mask just in case I need to recycle it, alcohols and sanitizers are a must have in my bag or pockets,  I also have to stick to a routine whenever I come from the hospital, foot bath and disinfecting my shoes, going directly to the shower as soon as I enter the house, washing the clothes that I wear, disinfecting things brought from outside and making sure it does not get mixed up with my other things.  Less face to face contact with patients and slowly transitioning to online consults.  But the most difficult part of this new normal is not being able to kiss and hug my kids whenever I want to, especially during the times when I was down with the flu.

     I honestly miss how life was before covid, I know that a lot of people are going through a much difficult time and I hope that things will get better for everyone.  I also know that it will take a while for people to get used to it, but I hope hope that it's something we all should be open about.  We may not necessarily like the fact that we can't shake hands when we meet new people, or we can't immediately hug our loved ones whom we have not seen for a while or that we always hide our smiles behind the mask that we wear, but its something that we must do to keep ourselves and others safe.  We may not necessarily like the "new normal", but we have to follow it because for now this is the best way for us to protect ourselves and our family.  Stay safe everyone!

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